Terms and Conditions of Hire 2017/2018


  1. General hire

1.1 Booking contract

1.2 Booking acceptance

1.3 Entry to the hall

1.4 Data protection

1.5 Rights of occupation

1.6 Rights of third parties

1.7 Elections

1.8 Cancellations by CDVH

  1. Hirer Responsibilities

2.1 Number of people attending your event

2.2 Supervision

2.3 Sub-letting

2.4 Damage

2.5 Health & Safety

2.5.1 General Health and Safety Rules

2.5.2 Fire Safety Guidance

2.5.3 In the event of the Fire Alarm sounding

2.5.4 In the event of a Fire

2.6 Insurance

2.7 Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults

2.8 CDVH Premises Licence

2.9 Halton Borough Council Licensing

2.10 TV Licensing

2.11 Our neighbours

2.12 Animals

2.13 Catering

2.14 Consideration for other hall hirers

2.15 Booking Times

2.16 Room restrictions

2.17 Decorations

2.18 Bouncy Castles

2.19 Glow sticks/mist machines

2.20 Discos/Entertainers

2.21 Before you leave the hall


3 Booking Terms and Conditions

3.1 Hire Rates

3.2 Standard Hire Rates

3.3 Regular Hirers Rates

3.4 Concessionary Hirers Rates

3.5 Booking priorities

3.6 Payment

3.7 Cancellation by the Hirer

3.7.1 Standard rate

3.7.2 Regular or Concessionary hirers rate


4 House Rules

4.1 Parking

4.2 User Access

4.3 Lighting + Heating

4.4 Furniture

4.5 Notices

4.6 Caretaking + Cleaning

  1. General hire


1.1 Booking contract

Anyone wishing to hire the Hall must be aged 18 years or over.


1.2 Booking acceptance

The Management Committee reserves the right to decline any booking request.

1.3 Entry to the hall

If your booking is accepted, you will be met at the hall by a member of staff and given an orientation of the facilities and reminded of all policies and procedures. Arrangements will then be made for entry to the building on the day of your booking at the specified time.

The Management Committee reserves the right to attend the hall on hall business at any time.

1.4 Data protection

Personal details about the hirer and, if appropriate, the organisation they represent, will be stored on the Hale Village Hall booking database. The data will be used to manage the hall. Personal information stored by Hale Village Hall may be examined on request but will not be shared with third parties in line with The Data Protection Act 1998.

1.5 Rights of occupation

The booking form and contract constitutes permission only to use the premises and confers no tenancy or other right of occupation on the Hirer.

1.6 Rights of third parties

None of the provisions of the booking form and contract are intended to or will operate to confer any benefit pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 on a person who is not named as a party to these.

1.7 Elections

The committee reserves the right to cancel any hiring of the hall if required for use as a Polling Station. A full refund of any hire payment will be made.

1.8 Cancellations by Hale Village Hall

In the event of the need for the Hale Village Hall to cancel a booking because of an emergency or unforeseen difficulties with the premises (e.g. heating breakdown, damage to premises) the Hirer will be notified as soon as possible and a full refund of fees will be made if alternative accommodation cannot be found and mutually agreed.

  1. Hirer Responsibilities


2.1 Number of people attending your event

When making your booking, you must inform us of the number of people (adults and children) attending your event, in addition to any accessibility requirements for wheelchair users or guide dogs.

2.2 Supervision

The Hirer will be responsible for supervision of the premises, the fabric of the building and its contents as well as the behaviour of persons using it, during the period of hire. The Hirer shall not use or allow the Hall to be used for any unlawful purpose.

2.3 Sub-letting

The Hirer may not sub-let the hall or any part of the building during their period of hire.

2.4 Damage

The Hirer shall indemnify the committee for the cost of repairs of any damage that may occur on the premises during the period of hire as a result of the hiring. Any damage must be reported to the Committee, using the Damage Report Form, at the end of the Hire Period.

2.5 Health & Safety

The Hirer must familiarise themselves with the general Health & Safety Rules and the Fire Safety Guidance & Regulations.

2.5.1 General Health and Safety Rules

General Health & Safety Rules for Hirers, Volunteers and Contractors whilst using, maintaining or working in Hale Village Hall.

  • All fire exits must be kept clear of obstacles at all times.
  • Fire extinguishers must only be removed from their positions for use in fire emergencies.
  • All portable electrical equipment brought into the Hale Village Hall must have an in-date P.A.T. inspection tag.
  • No naked flames (including candles for cakes) are permitted within the buildings or the external grounds, without permission.
  • All food and drink preparation areas and equipment are to be cleaned after use.
  • All Hale Village Hall equipment used during hire of the hall (chairs, tables etc) must be returned to the correct storage area after use.
  • All liquids and substances that are left within the building will require COSHH data sheets.
  • All maintenance and repair operations will require a risk assessment and method statement to be prepared.


2.5.2 Fire Safety Guidance

  • The number of people occupying the letting spaces, at any one time, must be compliant with Local Authority Fire Safety Regulations. The maximum capacity of Hale Village Hall is stated on the booking form.
  • When arranging seating, pathways to Fire Exits and all doorways must always be kept clear, allowing an exit path of the same width as the doorway.
  • For group hire, fire and door stewards should be appointed to help people out of the building in the event of an emergency.
  • Fire Exits – the Main Doors and Exit Doors are designated Fire Exits and should remain UNLOCKED while the building is occupied.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the hall. The hirer shall comply with the ‘prohibition of smoking in public places provisions’ of the Health Act 2006 and associated regulations and shall ensure also that all attending their event comply with the provisions and regulations. Any person who breaches this provision will risk the hirer being asked to leave the hall immediately without refund.

For fire safety reasons, no barbecues, bonfires or fireworks are allowed in the grounds of the hall. No LP Gas or Gas appliances may be used in the Hall or grounds.

  • No naked flames or candles, are permitted in any part of the premises and the use of glow sticks and mist/smoke machines are also not permitted without prior permission.
  • Permission must be sought at the time of booking for the erection of any decorations that may contain combustible materials, and any allowed decorations must not be placed near light fittings or heaters.
  • Electrical appliances brought on to the premises must be PAT tested and used in a safe manner.


2.5.3 In the event of the Fire Alarm sounding

  • The alarm will be automatically sounded if the smoke detection system activates. On hearing the alarm all persons in the building must immediately evacuate the premises using the nearest fire escape route and assemble at the muster point – directly in front of the building at the bus stop on High Street.
  • If the alarm system has been accidentally sounded please contact a member of staff to turn off the sounder.


2.5.4 In the event of a Fire

  • On discovery of a fire, the alarm should be raised by using one of the alarm activation points. The alarm will be automatically sounded if the fire or smoke detection system activates.
  • The Hirer or a nominated person must call for the Fire Services. There is no fixed landline telephone available to hirers at Hale Village Hall and so hirers must ensure that a person with a mobile telephone is in attendance at all times whilst hiring the hall. The Fire Service must be called using the 999 number and the post code address of L24 4AE must be quoted. The nearest public phone is located on Ivy Court Farm, Town Lane, L24 4AG.
  • Occupants of the hall should muster at the designated muster point by the wooden bollards at the bus stop on High Street. Hirers are responsible for ensuring their members/guests are accounted for. It is recommended that a system of signing in or a tally count at the beginning of the hire period is used to facilitate this.
  • Hirers must keep the car park entrance free of cars; with no parking allowed on Pepper Street, to enable emergency services access. The entrance gate should be left unlocked and open during the period of hire.


2.6 Insurance

Although Hale Village Hall holds Public Liability insurance, the Hirer is responsible for the Health & Safety of the group they represent and/or their guests and for arranging insurance to cover legal liability arising out of third party loss, injury or damage in connection with all activities on the premises. Any accidents should be recorded in the log book provided in the First Aid box.

Items stored at the hall by hirers are not covered by Hale Village Hall insurance.

2.7 Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults

Hale Village Hall endeavours to keep the premises safe for use by children and vulnerable adults and has a duty to safeguard children and vulnerable adults who utilise the hall and its facilities and those who may encounter vulnerable users.

  • However, Hale Village Hall does not supervise children or vulnerable adults as part of its function and Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks are not required for committee members unless they are to have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults. Any suspicions or allegations of abuse against a child or vulnerable adult who attends Hale Village Hall should be made to the relevant Local Authority Agency.
  • It is the Hirers responsibility to read the Hale Village Hall Terms and Conditions of Hire when a booking is made and follow the rules and advice contained therein to promote the Health & Safety of all those attending the hall.
  • Hirers should note their obligations under the Licensing Act 2003 to ensure that alcohol is not sold to those under 18 years of age.
  • Hirers should note that they should adhere to age regulations regarding the classification for any film on show.
  • Hirers should note that no gambling (other than raffles) shall be permitted on the premises unless in accordance with the Gambling Commission’s rules and regulations.
  • Organisations or Individuals hiring the hall for activities for children/vulnerable adults (other than private parties) are required to have Child Protection/Vulnerable adult’s policy in place prior to the first booking.
  • In addition, any user hiring the hall to provide a facility for Children [playgroups, for example] will be required to provide a copy of their DBS disclosure certificate. Any delegation of that hirer to other people to supervise the children is the responsibility of the hirer and Hale Village Hall will not vet these delegates for DBS disclosure.
  • The only exception to the above is when the hall is hired out for a private children’s party. Hale Village Hall take no action to vet the person[s] hiring the hall for these one-off events.
  • If the building is also in use by other groups at the time of your booking, you will need to be aware that other people may be opening and closing the doors and take appropriate steps to safeguard children or vulnerable adults in your group.
  • Children are not allowed to play in the Hall grounds or in the car park.
  • Children are not allowed in the kitchen.


2.8 Hale Village Hall Premises Licence

The Hirer should comply with all conditions and regulations in the Hale Village Hall Premises Licence (PRS and PPL).

Activities authorised by the Licence – permissible between 8:00 am and 12:00 am

  • A performance of a play
  • An exhibition or film
  • A performance of live music
  • Any playing of recorded music
  • A performance of dance
  • Entertainment facilities for making music
  • Entertainment facilities for dancing


2.9 Halton Borough Council Licensing

  • The hirer is responsible for adherence to Halton Borough Council licensing objectives relating to gaming, betting and lotteries and consumption of alcohol during their period of hire.
  • If agreed by Hale Village Hall, hirers may apply to Halton Borough Council for any temporary licences to sell alcohol and will need to inform the manager of those arrangements when they make a booking.
  • Only a bar approved by Hale Village Hall maybe used, unless permission has been granted otherwise.


2.10 TV Licensing

Hale Village Hall do not have a TV license to view live or recorded programmes.

2.11 Our neighbours                           

  • Hirers are responsible for ensuring that no nuisance is caused to our neighbours.
  • The playing of music, singing, acting or dancing is not allowed outside the hall.
  • Occupants of vehicles should leave the car park quietly, particularly after 9 pm.
  • All entertainment and music should stop promptly at 12am.
  • Clearing up should be completed at the end of the evening and you should leave the premises by 12 am unless alternative arrangements have been made.
  • The outside lights are automatically turned off at midnight.


2.12 Animals

No birds or animals, except for guide dogs, are permitted in the building, without prior permission.

2.13 Catering

  • The cooking facilities in the kitchen are limited to a domestic sized cooker, a hot-water boiler for hot drinks and a small microwave oven. The equipment is unlikely to be suitable for large scale food cooking and hirers intending to cater for larger numbers (over 50) should discuss their requirements with the prior to their event.
  • If hirers intend to prepare and cook food for public consumption, they should at least hold the Level 1 Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.
  • The refrigerator should be emptied of hirer’s contents at the end of the hire period but be left switched on.
  • For safety reasons, children should not be allowed in the kitchen.


Hires should advise the Booking Manager if outside Caterers are to be used and the hirer should ensure the caterer is made aware of the Terms and Conditions of hire. If the hirer wishes to use the kitchen for catering large numbers, an additional charge may apply.

2.14 Consideration for other hall hirers

If you have booked one of the Halls for a party/event, please be aware that the other rooms may be booked to another hirer. Please be considerate in your use of the access doors and the concourse and where possible keep the doors to your space closed to reduce noise nuisance to others.

2.15 Booking Times

Your booking time must include any additional time you need to set up and clear away your event. You must inform the manager in advance should you wish to access the hall outside of your agreed booking times.

2.16 Room restrictions

If you are serving food and/or drink at your party or event, please use the hall you have booked and/or the kitchen to prepare, serve and consume food (no food should be consumed in the concourse areas, but may be served from the kitchen hatch). Hirers must not put tables in the concourse areas as this would restrict fire exits. The meeting rooms are not suitable for serving food for parties as it is carpeted. If you require the use of the meeting rooms for serving food, please ensure extra care is given. The main kitchen is a shared facility, if you would like to use it, please request at the time of booking.

2.17 Decorations

Please note the restrictions on permissible decorations in the Fire Safety Guidance. Please do not affix decorations or other materials to the walls. You can use masking tape to affix balloons, banners etc on other suitable surfaces in the room but please don’t use other sticky tape (e.g. sellotape, duck tape), which can remove paint from doors and windowsills and leave a sticky residue on windows or lift the polish from the floor.

2.18 Bouncy Castles

There is limited height in the hall for bouncy castles, you must inform the manager when making your booking and before you book your equipment to ensure it complies with height restrictions

2.19 Glow sticks + Mist/Smoke machines

The use of glow-sticks & chemical mist/smoke machines (which will set off the fire alarm) is not permitted.

2.20 Discos/Entertainers

Hirers should advise the manager if a disco or entertainer is being hired for their event. Hirers are responsible for advising third parties of the relevant regulations and Fire Safety Guidance.

2.21 Before you leave the hall

  • Kitchen surfaces should be wiped clean.
  • Crockery, glasses, cutlery should be washed, dried and returned to the appropriate cupboards.
  • Hirers should clear up and bag their rubbish. One black bag per hirer may be placed in the dustbin in the bin store next to the main gate. Any additional bags must be taken home.
  • Hirers should take any recyclable materials (i.e. glass or plastic bottles and cardboard) away with them.
  • Chairs should be returned to the appropriate storage area and stacked safely (maximum 8 high).
  • Tables should be wiped clean and returned to the appropriate storage area.
  • Floors should be brushed and swept clean using equipment in the kitchen.

The hall will be closed and locked up by a member of staff unless you are provided with other instructions or are a regular hirer.

Booking Terms and Conditions

3.1 Hire Rates

Can be found on the booking form and on the notice board at the hall and are subject to annual review in May of each year with any change in rates notified to hirers at that time and implemented in January of the following year.

3.2 Standard Hire Rates

Standard hourly hire rates apply to all bookings.

Standard hourly rate bookings for more than 100 people may need to be charged a ‘whole hall per hour rate’. The rest of the facilities are unlikely to be available to be booked out to anyone else, as we have limited parking, and due to the additional usage of facilities such as the restrooms and kitchen being used to maximum occupancy. Please speak with a member of staff when booking.

Additional charges may be applied if we are requested to help set up equipment or provide extended opening hours.

A refundable deposit is required for all hirers.

3.3 Local/Charitable Hirers Rates

Local/charitable rates are available to any group that is deemed by Hale Village Hall to meet the criteria in providing benefit to the community and is applied at the discretion of Hale Village Hall. It applies to any block or ad hoc bookings for less than 100 people. The rate will not be applied retrospectively, so please ensure you apply for the correct hire rate when you submit your booking application.

Ad hoc bookings for more than 100 people will be charged as whole hall rate.

3.4 Concessionary Hirers Rates

A hirer may be entitled to the Concessionary rate if, 25% or more of the people attending live in the electoral ward of Hale Village and/or the group is deemed by Hale Village Hall to meet the criteria in providing special benefit to the community. The concessionary rate will not automatically apply to all bookings made by a group. The concessionary rate is decided and awarded at the discretion of Hale Village Hall.

3.5 Booking priorities

Bookings are taken up to the end of the next calendar year.

Regular hirers take priority over ad hoc bookings and are therefore input to the system before ad hoc bookings are taken, and are based on information supplied by hirers. If the hirer can’t give future dates they will be shown as provisional (requested) and assumed to be the same as the current year. Then confirmed with the hirer at least a month in advance of the booking date.

If another booking request is made for their provisional slot the booking officer will give the regular hirer the option to make a firm booking or if they don’t want to, give the slot to the other hirer.

3.6 Payment

Full payment for a booking is due on the issue of an invoice, with payment preferably by BACs transfer.

For regular hirers, payment can be made up to a calendar year in advance (January – December)

Payment in full will confirm the booking.

3.7 Cancellation by the Hirer

3.7.1 Standard rate

No refund will be considered unless notice is given one month before the booking date. Hale Village Hall will consider the reason for the cancellation. For example, illness.

All refunds are at the discretion of Hale Village Hall and will depend on whether the slot can be filled by an alternative booking.

3.7.2 Local/Charitable or Concessionary hirers rate

A full refund will be considered if Hale Village Hall considers the reason for the cancellation to be reasonable. All refunds are at the discretion of Hale Village Hall and will depend on whether the slot can be filled by an alternative booking.

House Rules

4.1 Parking

Parking & Unloading: There is priority spaces for Blue Badge Holders at the rear of the hall (please display your badge). There is also a drop-off-only zone at the front of the hall. The car park can be used by hirers if prior arrangements have been made with Hale Village Hall.

4.2 User Access

Door Opening: The doors to the hall operate manually – just push or pull to open as with any door. Please note there is no power assist function.

Internal Doors: The door to the room/hall you have booked will be unlocked. The exit door, opposite the kitchen at the end of the concourse is a designated fire door and for safety reasons this door should be left unlocked while you are in the building. This door can be used by people using the hall to enter and leave at that end of use. Likewise the fire exit may also be used at the rear of the hall but please be sure to lock that door again from the inside if you are the last to leave and make your exit via the front door.

Exit: After clearing the room and switching off lights and equipment, close the door of the room you have been using and leave the building.

4.3 Lighting and Heating

Lighting: The lights at the far end of the concourse, in the toilets, and outside are automatic and controlled by sensors. The lights for the main hall and meeting rooms can be controlled by the switch.

Heating: All spaces have their own heat output. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTROL HEATING BY TURNING RADIATORS UP, DOWN OR OFF. If you open any windows or doors, please shut them before you leave. MOST IMPORTANTLY, WHEN YOU LEAVE THE ROOM YOU HAVE BEEN USING, PLEASE CLOSE ALL WINDOWS AND DOORS.

4.4 Furniture

Furniture: Tables and chairs are stored in the storage room. Please remove furniture carefully and return it to the space you got it from at the end of your session. Mobile table trolleys are designed for storing tables safely (please use the straps and the brakes as per the instructions). Chairs are stacked eight high so please take care when lifting them. Chair trolleys are provided for moving stacked chairs in the main hall. If you find you cannot fit chairs into the storage space, please leave them stacked neatly at the side of the room. Please ensure the door is firmly closed when you have returned furniture to the room.

A selection of cups, saucers and crockery etc are provided in the kitchen for you to be able to serve light refreshments to modest numbers. If you want extra crockery please discuss at the time of booking. Any hiring group may use the kitchen and the crockery etc in it to prepare and serve refreshments but as there are often other groups using the Halls at one time please be prepared to share the space and understand that there may not be enough crockery for all users at the same time.

4.5 Notices

Noticeboards: We have a board by the front door – on entering the hall please look for any special instructions for the day. Please don’t pin notices on our notice-boards without prior permission. If you would like to place a notice on behalf of your group to advertise your activity or publicise an event please leave contact a member of staff. Promotional flyers should be no larger than A5. Promotion of your event or activity may also be permitted on the website of Hale Village Hall, subject to availability.

4.6 Caretaker + Cleaning

Cleaning & Caretaking: Although we have a very good cleaning contractor, we depend on hall-users to leave everything as they would wish to find it. If you have filled a rubbish bin please take the bag out to the bin and fit a new bag in the bin. Spare bags are stored under the sink in the kitchen. Recycling material should be taken home. If a user is found to be fly tipping, they will be deemed in breach of their agreement and Hale Village Hall reserve the right to cancel all future bookings without refund.

The hall is cleaned regularly, but please be considerate to other users of your space and leave tables and crockery clean after your use. There is a floor duster, broom and a dustpan and brush in the large cupboard in the kitchen if you need to make use of them. Please don’t attempt to use scourers or any cleaning products other than washing up liquid on any floor surface. In case of difficulties or to report any breakage or missing items at the hall please fill in a damage report form located in the kitchen or for anything which is potentially serious please contact 07903519709.

URGENT REPAIRS: Please text or telephone Hale Village Hall on 07903519709 to report any fault you would consider to be a likely hazard for another hirer.